I Found Love - Hardback Book
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    I Found Love hardback book I Am Second

I Found Love - Hardback Book

I FOUND LOVE - book description

Are you exhausted by efforts to find significance and identity? You are not alone. You belong is the message of this book. You are loved is it’s anthem. The highly anticipated new book from I Am Second contains inspiring stories of people who searched everywhere for fulfillment and belonging but found it only when they put God and his love first in their lives. God offers a relationship filled with purpose, acceptance, and peace—the only relationship where you can find unconditional love and unshakable, authentic identity. The stories included are of people who discovered that with Jesus placed first in their lives, they became known, valued, and loved. 
  • David and Tamela Mann, Jason Castro, Esther Fleece, Danny Gokey , and Sean Lowe needed love when they found Someone who would love them forever.
  • Beth Nimmo and TJ Stevens, Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood, Chad Robichaux, Michael Ketterer, and Jessica Long needed belonging when they found Someone who called them family. 
  • Remi Adeleke, Stephen Baldwin, Ryan Ries, Michael Kent and Tiffany Whittier, and Rudy Kalis needed friendship when they found the greatest Friend.
Moving, compelling, and profoundly inspiring, their stories will reveal that you can only find true love, belonging, and meaningful friendship when you discover your true identity in the radical love of God. I Am Second invites you to reshape and retell your story by discovering the perfect love of Jesus and embracing your authentic identity.